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We Need a Strong MP Who is There for Us!

Gerry's professional and volunteer background makes him well-equipped to navigate government, open doors, and make things happen for the people of Simcoe North. It is solid, practical experience, and he will be a strong Member of Parliament, serving us well.


The current MP may have the advantage of incumbency, but he is vulnerable to progressive and moderate voters rallying around Gerry, a strong Liberal candidate with a clear vision for Simcoe North.

As a Harper Conservative, the current MP voted for every backwards piece of legislation his government put forward. His boosterism under Andrew Scheer shows that nothing has changed. He represents himself as moderate at home, but in Ottawa he routinely votes against the interests and desires of the majority of his constituents, who are progressive and moderate.


Gerry will challenge the current MP hard on his lackluster record. In no way does his record warrant a 5th straight term of office.

To succeed, Gerry needs
 your help. Please volunteer to help him. No matter your skills, interests or time availability, you can play an important role on his team. Together, we will be formidable!

Strong Action on Climate Change and the Environment

Gerry supports the actions the Liberal government has taken in its first term to address climate change but believes that much more must be done, and it must be done faster. As our Member of Parliament, Gerry will advocate for even greater action to reduce our carbon emissions and develop energy alternatives which will create new economic opportunities.

Gerry was very pleased to be designated a Climate Champion by Leadnow, a non-partisan organization that envisions a just, sustainable, and equitable Canada, built and defended through the democratic power of an engaged public. He received this designation for scoring 100% on the organization’s recent climate survey. 

Our natural environment is under constant pressure. Gerry believes our local lakes, rivers, marshes, forests, fields and pastures are important to the economy and well-being of Simcoe North and require vigilant protection. Gerry also believes the government should work in partnership with industry to find sustainable alternatives for consumer packaging. 



Social and Economic Fairness

Gerry believes our government has a vital responsibility to ensure everyone shares in the benefits of being Canadian. Among the issues dear to Gerry’s heart are the poverty, marginalization and isolation that prevent many people from reaching their full potential and deprive others from experiencing the quality of life Canadians deserve. As our Member of Parliament, Gerry will advocate policies that address these issues to facilitate full participation in our society by all Canadians.  


More Effective Democracy
Gerry believes that a ranked ballot better reflects the voters’ wishes than our current first-past-the-post form of ballot, and that no MP should be elected with less than 50 percent of votes cast.

With a ranked ballot, voters can indicate their first choice, second choice and so on, or vote for just one person if they choose. If nobody receives at least 50 percent plus one vote on the first count, the second choice on the ballots of the lowest scoring candidate are allocated, and this continues until someone passes the 50 percent threshold. 

A ranked ballot will allow supporters of smaller parties to both vote their conscience AND support the person they see as the best alternative. A ranked ballot will also improve the tone of political debate as political parties become less polarizing to attract second ballot support. Importantly, a ranked ballot can be implemented easily and quickly.

As our Member of Parliament, Gerry will advocate strongly for ranked balloting. 

Affordable Housing

A big challenge across Simcoe North is a shortage of affordable housing, which puts many people, including seniors and youth, at risk. Gerry will work hard as our Member of Parliament to encourage greater federal leadership and collaboration with provincial and municipal levels of government to foster the development of housing options that meet the needs of lower income Canadians.


Community and Rural Economic Development

Gerry has substantial experience developing supports to foster the growth of industries and jobs, and will advocate federal policies that support the economy in Simcoe North. Our economy has experienced substantial transformation and continues to change, and we need a Member of Parliament who understands these changes and how they can be harnessed to benefit local businesses and workers. 



Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Small businesspeople and entrepreneurs are core drivers of wealth and job creation in Canada, and our government needs to foster conditions where they can succeed and excel. Gerry has been an entrepreneur, worked closely with leading financial executives in Canada, and has substantial experience developing public policies to support industry development.  Gerry recognizes that redundant or unnecessary regulations and red tape don’t aid the public good.

Gerry believes that business interests and the public interest can be reconciled, even where there are short- or medium-term challenges, with strong leadership and good public policy. Gerry will bring that can-do spirit with him to Ottawa as our Member of Parliament.



Supporting Our Seniors

Gerry has a special interest in the health and well-being of the many seniors in our communities across Simcoe North. He recently welcomed the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Member of Parliament, to Midland for a round table with seniors to discuss their concerns. Gerry supports the Liberal’s New Horizons for Seniors Program which empowers seniors and encourages them to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others in the community. As our Member of Parliament Gerry will advocate for improvements to income supports and policies benefiting seniors. 

A Better Future for Young People

Gerry recognizes that post-secondary students are paying more than ever for their education and are saddled with increasing debt. Other youth are in jobs that don’t pay a living wage and are without benefits, stability or a path to a better life. Indigenous youth are a fast-growing segment of our population, and the quality of their life outcomes is intrinsically tied to the future health of their communities. As our Member of Parliament Gerry will advocate for policies and action to invest in our youth so we’re investing in Canada’s future.

Healthy People and Communities

Canadians demand and receive quality, publicly funded healthcare services, but continuous improvement is always possible. Greater support for mental health services needs to be a higher priority, and the opioid crisis requires integrated action and collaboration across all levels of government, agencies and service providers. Our government must also address the needs of our aging society. Gerry also believes that universal pharma care must be the next major improvement to our publicly funded health care system to eliminate barriers to access to essential medicines that Canadians require to be healthy, full members of society.

Great Constituency Service 
Gerry served as the long time Executive Assistant our former Liberal Member of Parliament, Paul DeVillers, and together they set the gold standard for service to constituents. Gerry considers excellent quality constituency service to be a core responsibility of a Member of Parliament, and he will use his MP resources to the maximum benefit of the people of Simcoe North. However, Gerry believes Simcoe North deserves more than great constituency service.  We need an inclusive, decisive, effective representative in Ottawa who can open doors, navigate the decision-making process, and advocate strongly and confidently on our behalf.





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