For Simcoe North

Election day is slated for October 21st, and my team and I are out across Simcoe North, campaigning hard to earn your vote. I hope to meet you at your door or in your community.

Please take a moment to read through my website, and please follow my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for updates about the campaign, and how I would serve you as your Member of Parliament.  

With progressive and moderate voters rallying around me, I am confident of winning. I will challenge my Harper/Scheer Conservative opponent hard on his lackluster record. In no way does his record warrant a 5th straight term of office.

With my professional and volunteer background, I am well-equipped to navigate government, open doors, and make things happen for the people of Simcoe North. It is solid, practical experience that will make me a strong Member of Parliament, so I can serve you well.

There is a role for you in making this happen. I need you on my team. No matter your skills, interests or time availability, you can play a part. If we all come together, we will be formidable!

Please register as a volunteer today, and please tell your friends and family.


Thank you, merci beaucoup, meegwetch.

Gerry Hawes
Liberal Candidate
Simcoe North




Orillia Office
427 West Street N
Orillia, ON L3V 5E9

Midland Office
479 Hugel Ave
Midland, ON L4R 1V5

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