For Simcoe North
  • As a lifelong resident of Simcoe North, and Executive Assistant to our former Liberal Member of Parliament, Paul DeVillers, Gerry is in tune with our hopes and needs.

  • An accomplished public policy professional, Gerry will ensure that federal policies and actions reflect our rural and small-town communities and economy.

  • As a former advisor to Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Ontario’s Minister of Culture, and at the House of Commons, Gerry knows how to navigate government and make things happen on our behalf.

  • A Senior Policy Advisor (currently, on unpaid leave to campaign full-time) focused on the growth and development of Ontario’s creative industries (film & television production, book and magazine publishing, music and interactive digital media), and with his experience as an entrepreneur and with an organization of financial executives, Gerry has unique perspectives for developing our local economy.

  • As a successful campaigner and organizer, Gerry will rally progressive and moderate voters and mount a winning challenge against the Harper/Scheer Conservative incumbent. 

  • With his blue-collar upbringing, bilingualism, dedication to inclusion, and record of voluntarism, Gerry connects with people from all walks of life and has proven where his heart is.

  • Gerry's spouse of thirty years, Ambrose Doucette, is Indigenous. Raised in a military family on bases in Canada and Germany, Ambrose went on to a successful career in retail.

Gerry Hawes has a unique combination of political and public policy  expertise, a strong knowledge of communities across Simcoe North, experience at senior levels of  government, a record  of community leadership, and a strong personal and  professional 
network. He will be a strong Member of Parliament and work hard on our behalf. 


Gerry Hawes and Ambrose Doucette




Orillia Office
427 West Street N
Orillia, ON L3V 5E9

Midland Office
479 Hugel Ave
Midland, ON L4R 1V5

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