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427 West Street North
(Fittons West Plaza)
479 Hugel Avenue

We Need a Strong MP Who is There for Us!

Gerry's professional and volunteer background makes him well-equipped to navigate government, open doors, and make things happen for the people of Simcoe North. It is solid, practical experience, and he will be a strong Member of Parliament, serving us well.


The current MP may have the advantage of incumbency, but he is vulnerable to progressive and moderate voters rallying around Gerry, a strong Liberal candidate with a clear vision for Simcoe North.

As a Harper Conservative, the current MP voted for every backwards piece of legislation his government put forward. His boosterism under Andrew Scheer shows that nothing has changed. He represents himself as moderate at home, but in Ottawa he routinely votes against the interests and desires of the majority of his constituents, who are progressive and moderate.


Gerry will challenge the current MP hard on his lackluster record. In no way does his record warrant a 5th straight term of office.

To succeed, Gerry needs
 your help. Please volunteer to help him. No matter your skills, interests or time availability, you can play an important role on his team. Together, we will be formidable!




Orillia Office
427 West Street N
Orillia, ON L3V 5E9

Midland Office
479 Hugel Ave
Midland, ON L4R 1V5

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